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Poems in spanish… hope you like them!

A Strange Ode to Pain

Pain is a different and unique experience for each person, So, there are as many classes of pain as human beings, For some pain is unbearable, while others are barely touched by it, Pain at times paralyzes you, and even … Seguir leyendo

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A year-round

It is time for Minerals 2020, and my “A year-round” Poem. The year-round poem is shared here and elsewhere under license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Summer in the horizon

  Clouds are in the horizon, air is becoming humid and hot, while the hope for summer rises, and the earth smells of mold, storms interleaves with sunny days, giving to the heated and heavy air, a sweet and sour … Seguir leyendo

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Streets of my neighborhood

I believe that a poet named the streets in my neighborhood, an ideal way to walk through a dream in a lazy day of fantasy… … Walking “Windsong trail”, pass through a nice “Pine forest”, next to the quiet “Deerfield … Seguir leyendo

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14th of February Valentine’s

14th of February Valentine’s, a day in which we celebrate, with sweet verses, chocolates, colorful flowers and red hearts. … A day of very special dedication, to enjoy with lightness, wishing everyone happiness, love and friendship affection. … And maybe … Seguir leyendo

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The flow of sadness

Sadness is like a flowing river, at times deep and turbulent, a while later shallower and quiet. As water in a river, the moods of sadness are always changing, flowing away but returning. So, sadness like river waters seems to … Seguir leyendo

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Poetry is art

Poetry is art, so, a poem coming from the hart, with it is own way and mood apart, has not a comparable counterpart. …    …    … Wishing you all plenty of inspiration, health and love in 2018! …  … Seguir leyendo

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